About Us

What is Nejireo.com?

Neji means fasteners in Japanese

Reo means fast in Thai

We are a Japanese company which established our first branch in Thailand, so we would like to integrate Japanese and Thai word into our website name. Our strength is we have variety of Japanese fasteners and we do really deliver fast and we are ok with small amount order as well.

When we first established our company in Thailand, we have found that there are a lot of customer who do need good quality fasteners in few amount but there are no such a shop that could help them out. So they have to import, modify, or keep using current one.

We have been figuring out, how to help them?

We aim to integrate our strength to help out customer who are in trouble of using or sourcing fasteners in Thailand through our online channel.

When the right time is comes, we are proudly to present our nejireo.com

Nejireo.com, is our e-commerce tool to link us to customer in Thailand nationwide.

Nejireo.com will give you new experience of fasteners sourcing in Thailand to be much easier and quicker than ever. Our features are easy and friendly to use for every user.

No matter where are you at in Thailand, you can order our fasteners in just few clicks. Then you will receive our best product in few days.

No matter what kind of fasteners you are looking for and you couldn’t find them no where, please try to check our website. We may have them in stock.

We hope you will be happy and have a good experience using nejireo.com

Hanshin Neji(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

We, Hanshin Neji(Thailand) are the Japanese fasteners specialist team. We have established on 2015 with our mission to contribute our strength to Thailand’s manufacturing business.

Our Strength are

  1. We have various kind of Japanese fasteners from M1 – M100
  2. We are happy to have low quantity order, you can even order from just 1 piece!
  3. Quick deliver to your hand within 2-5 days
Our head office in Japan have over 70 years’ experience in fasteners field, we have gained trust from our customer from many continent of the world, Asia, North America, and Europe. We would like to integrate our experience and skill from Japan to support customer in Thailand.

We aim to satisfy and make the customer in Thailand to have best quality fasteners with reasonable price and no MOQ. We are keeping solve their fasteners problems and help them to work smoother. Customer can work smoothly and happy is our mission.

'We are always honest to our customer, stakeholder, and ourselves'

We are global supply the best quality Japanese fasteners (Made in Japan) with reasonable price and also there is no MOQ (Minimum Oder Quantity!). We have wide range of sizes (Metric sizes) from M1-M100 with various length. We have all kind of material made like Steel (SS400, S45C, SCM435), Stainless Steel (304,310S, 316L, and 400series), Brass, Plastic, Aluminum, Titanium, BUMAX and ETC.



We have over 100,000 kind of items in stock, and we have very strong sourcing network in Japan. So this mean whatever you need we might have them in stock and ready to deliver to you.

Japanese Quality

Japanese are widely acknowledged and renowned for quality, we put all everything to the work. This mean every single piece of fastener we sell are combine these factors below.

  1. Material : We use only best quality steel and every single part from us we can provide 'Mill sheet' that you can track back what are those made from.
  2. Technic : Japanese gained a century-long experience for making fasteners, so these knowledge and skill are pass through our fastener.
  3. System : Each manufacturer have their own rules for keeping quality and standard. For example our supplier doesn’t use 'DIES' until it broken, they will proactively change it before it’s time.

So this make a Manufacturer have strictly good dimension parts, and have very few NG parts.

Spirit : Japanese are aim for the best for everything, for manufacturing process it’s mean 'High quality'. Even though this is not a must but we strive and eager to find the way to make everything better. This is 'KAIZEN' means, continues improve the process which is unnecessary and make the process slow and have a possibility to have a problem in the future to be better.

Our services
  1. Global supply of best quality Japanese made product (Fasteners)
  2. Small amount purchase available (MOQ is 1 piece!)
  3. Technical thing are fully support (Ex. Anti-rust, strength, special material, and ETC issues)
  4. Sourcing and importing industrial product from Japan, it will take within 2-7 days to deliver to your hand
  5. Made to order (please advise us drawing)

You can contact us in English, Japanese, and Thai at any time, we will make sure that we will rapidly support and make you meet the best services.