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SEMS machine screws are manufacturing shorthand for assembled screws with washers. They have become a much-recommended time-saver in machine manufacturing and assembly. The washer assembly is attached to the screw making the units easy to handle and install where needed without dropping or losing the correct sized washer. 

Hanshin Neji (Thailand) Co., Ltd. offers a complete line of screws with attached washers in a variety of different materials to suit any application. We offer white and black zinc CR3, nickel, brass/nickel, and SUS304 stainless steel SEMS screws. The different materials offer a variety of finishes and textures to suit every application. 

We offer different types of screws including P=1 (screw with washer), P=2 (screw with spring washer), P=3 (screw with both washer and spring washer), P=4, I=1, I=2, I=3, I=4, LO=2, and Li=2. All of our SEMS machine screws are engineered and manufactured under the Japanese standard of JIS B-1188, which guarantees the highest quality of manufacturing. 

We offer our assembled screws at a good price. Please browse through our online catalog and place your order for our 3-5 day delivery to any location in Thailand. We have no minimum order and you can combine any of our products on your order.

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