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Hanshin Neji (Thailand) Co., Ltd. designs, engineers, and manufactures hexagon socket head cap screws and SUS socket cap screws to suit every application in machining and metal manufacturing. 

Hexagon socket screws were developed as a solution to the increasingly smaller tolerances and available space in many of today's manufacturing designs and engineering solutions. 

Hexagon socket screws are typically used in applications where the use of standard screws is restricted because the tools used to loosen and tighten the fasteners cannot access the fastener’s location. The SUS designation of the socket cap screws refer to the stainless steel grade of SUS304 the fasteners bearing this designation are manufactured from for high-temperature use, they’re also offered in SUS310S stainless steel. SUS hex socket cap screws have 18% chromium and 8% nickel added to the steel for added durability. The cap screws also are made from SUS316/316L steel. This material makes the socket head bolts highly resistant to corrosive acids. 

Our entire line of hexagon socket screws is offered in a stainless steel finish as well as a black finish to cut down on finishing requirements and simplify manufacturing steps. 

We offer a complete line of hex socket cap screws, set screws, button cap screws, flange cap screws and taper plugs to suit all of your machining and manufacturing fastener requirements. Please browse through our online catalog and place your order today for immediate delivery directly to your location in Thailand. We have no minimum order!

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