Self Lock Washer

Self-lock washers are a type of washer used for a variety of purposes. Washers are used for load distribution, preventing friction, electrical insulation, to prevent galvanic corrosion, and to prevent loosening. The main purpose of most washers is to evenly distribute the load of the threaded fastener, as the threaded fasteners stress the material that they are driven into. Washers prevent friction by being placed between two oppositional parts that would otherwise make contact. In addition, plastic or ceramic washers can also reduce the connectivity of nuts and bolts. Washers can be used to prevent galvanic corrosion that occurs when two dissimilar metals are in contact. Using a washer to separate the two parts can eliminate this issue as long as the washer is non-conductive. 

Nord lock washers are a special type of washer utilizing wedge-locking technology to secure bolted joints, even when exposed to extreme vibrations or dynamic loads. Nord lock washers come in a variety of dimensions and materials, including the Nord Lock Washer Wide, Nord Lock Washer m8, and steel Nord Lock Washers in wide and normal dimensions. The Nord Lock Washer m8 is one of our best selling products and is a recognized standard of the industry. All of these lock washers and wedge lock washers can be found here on and are distributed by Hanshin Neji, the No. 1 online fastener company in Thailand.

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